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Avoid Statin Side Effects - I do!

Founder David McMahon

Hi, I’m David McMahon, the founder of Solana Health. My personal journey to discovering a natural remedy for high cholesterol was born out of necessity.

New Statin Side Effects Confirmed

This just in: A very large multi-center trial found that Statin drugs of all types increases the risk of developing diabetes for women who take them by 50%!  Additionally the FDA recently added several new Statin side effects warnings to all Statin drugs, including; memory loss, mental confusion and an increased risk of developing Type Two Diabetes!

I didn’t want to take a Statin drug. Almost 30 million people took Statin drugs last year but a reported 20 to 30% of those patients suffered from common Statin side effects like muscle pain and cramping.  In rare cases statins can also cause liver damage, kidney failure and even death. There is also mounting evidence that Statins are directly linked to increased cases of diabetes.

I have high cholesterol in my family so I’ve watched my diet and exercised to try to keep it under control. This strategy worked for 20 years…  but when I turned 40 I had a physical and my total cholesterol was 238 and it was the worst combination – high “bad” LDL Cholesterol (163 mg/dl) and low HDL “good” Cholesterol (33 mg/dl).  I have 3 young children a loving wife and alot to live for – I had to do something to get my cholesterol under control. 

An All Natural Approach – Without Statin Side Effects

Lucky for me my doctor had seen too many Statin side effects so he always tried a natural approach first. (Read more about Statins side effects here).  He suggested I try Red Yeast Rice, Omega-3 and CoQ10 they have all been clinically proven to lower cholesterol and help with long term heart health.  

I thought – there must be an “all-in-one” pill for this that is safe and effective. So I scoured the vitamin stores and the internet but I wasn’t able to find anything that had it all.   Then I talked to a friend based in Europe and he told me about Cardiol, an all-in-one cholesterol lowering supplement. Cardiol is formulated based on a clinical study published by the Mayo Clinic (read the Mayo Clinic study here) and has been used for years in Europe. 

So did it work? 

After taking Cardiol for 60 days I went back to my doctor, showed him Cardiol and got a follow up test.  Cardiol had dropped my total cholesterol to 203, more importantly my LDL cholesterol came down to 110 (over 20%) and my HDL increased to 46!  

The rest is history. The all-in-one, one pill a day, Cardiol is now registered with the FDA and available in the U.S., to date it has helped thousands of people lower their cholesterol typically 15-20% in just 30 days without Statin side effects. Oh, and my doctor now recommends Cardiol to his patients! 

All-Natural, Convenient and NO Statin Side Effects!

You could go buy these ingredients individually but beware that 1/3rd of Red Yeast Rice supplements have been found to be contaminated (learn more about Red Yeast Rice contamination here) and the potency varies from 0 to 100 times – sometimes in the same bottle!

My high cholesterol levels put me at risk for an early grave. I didn’t want that to happen to me, and I don’t want it to happen to you.

Thanks for visiting Solana Health and I look forward to helping you reach your health goals, naturally!


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