Paleo and Keto Diet Approved!

Paleo Fish

The ultimate Omega-3 and Vitamin D Daily Supplement 


Sourced and made in the USA; our fish oil is from Alaskan wild caught Pollock, designated a Certified Sustainable Seafood by the Marine Stewardship Council that is then re-esterified as a triglyceride molecule and tested and certified by NSF.


Our unique formulation combines the purest Omega-3s and Omega-7 along with Lutein, and Vitamin D3.  Omega-7– is a signaling molecule that enhances mucous membranes and helps fight inflammation. 

  • 672mg Omega-3 & 125% of Vitamin D RDA

  • Triglyceride based Omega-3 for better absorption

  • Absolutely No fish Burps or Aftertaste Guaranteed!

  • Sourced from Alaskan, Wild Caught Pollock

  • 3rd Party certified free of contaminants

  • Made in the USA, NSF Certified, Certified Sustainable Seafood





Del Mar, CA 92014


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