Improve Dry Eyes in 30 Days!

Dry Eye Complete

Improve your dry eyes in 30 days!


Our unique dry eye formula supports overall vision health by delivering the purest Omega-3's and Omega-7 along with Lutein and Vitamin D3 all shown to help reduce the risk of cataracts and/or macular degeneration. 


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  • Relieve Dry Itchy Eyes in 30 Days

  • Triglyceride based Omega-3 for better absorption

  • Absolutely No fish Burps or Aftertaste Guaranteed!

  • Sourced from Alaskan, Wild Caught Pollock

  • 3rd Party certified free of contaminants

  • Made in the USA, NSF Certified, Certified Sustainable Seafood

Customer Reviews

I have tried drops, gels ointments and expensive prescriptions that did little or nothing.... i noticed a change almost immediately....will be a customer for life!

Love it! Has Made a Huge Difference

By Khrysta on December 15, 2016

These are really helpful when dealing with dry eye. Took one bottle and noticed a big difference, will continue to use them. Recommend to anyone dealing with chronic dry eye.

Recommend to Anyone Dealing with Chronic Dry Eye

By Angela Cencarikon on May 24, 2017

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