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Got the Fishy Burps? Let's Talk About Oxidation of Fish Oil

Topic 1: Oxidation of Omega-3 Fish Oil

Why Does Oxidation Matter?

Oxidation occurs when one molecule gives up an electron to another molecule causing that molecule to become a free radical and causing oxidative stress which can damage cellular membranes, initiate pre-

cancerous changes to cells and even alter DNA. We take Omega-3 for it's ability to improve cellular membranes, reduce inflammation and act as an antioxidant - basically quenching free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.

How Does Omega-3 Become Oxidized?

Doctors tell me that many of their patients have refused to take Omega-3 fish oil due to the dreaded "fish burps" - those are caused by oxidized fish oil . Supermarket type fish oil is a completely different molecule form the triglyceride form omega-3 that we promote. Ethyl ester (EE) alcohol form omega-3 is what 99% of the fish oil sold in the U.S. consists of - if your bottle does clearly state that it is "triglyceride omega-3" you can bet that it is an ethyl ester - which is a much cheaper form of fish oil.

Ethyl ester is an unstable molecule and oxidizes continually right in the bottle. Triglyceride Omega-3 is a more stable form of Omega-3 (and absorbs 70% better than the EE form) but it too can become oxidized during the refinement process if it is exposed to the air before it is encapsulated and preserved. Our superior refinement process guarantees the lowest level of oxidation and we test every lot - holding ourselves to a 50% lower oxidation level than any other competitor. Bottom Line: Buy a highly purified Triglyceride omega-3 that is third party certified free of contaminants (Like our Dry Eye Complete backed by a money back guarantee to improve your dry eyes in just 30 days!) and say goodbye to the dreaded fish burps forever!

David McMahon is the CEO and founder of Solana Health Inc. he is a frequent lecturer to medical associations, an author of numerous published clinical studies, holds several patents and is currently completing his Master's degree in Integrative Nutrition.

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